Opening Remarks and Keynotes

June 29, 2010 School of Journalism & Communication(SJC) , Peking University has seen the 8th Chinese Internet Research Conference(CIRC) opening, which aims to approach further international cooperative study on interaction of China and the Internet.

Prof. XU, Hong, Executive Deputy Dean of SJC addresses her welcoming remarks.  “participating , interaction, equality, communication and sharing are core features and basic spirits innovated by the Internet and New media. we believe that all these factors will bring long-time and deep transformation to China society.” Prof. XU values the significance of this CIRC conference.

Patrice M. Buzzanell, Professor at Purdue University makes Keynote to CIRC opening. Prof. Buzzanell mentions that New Face of China poses intriguing challenges and opportunities for communication and interdisciplinary researchers. This “new face” strains and enriches intersections, such as hard-soft power, control and mediation tensions, traditional and new media, immigration and reverse brain drain policies, and online privacy and community. A research agenda is posed that illuminates what this “new face” might mean as communication in and about China and the field of communication becomes increasingly co-integrated.

Another CIRC opening Keynote  is from YANY, Boxu, Prof. at SJC. In his speech, Prof, YANG expounds the twilight zone in China when the polarized social capital in the real life meets the restructured social relations in the virtual world.

CIRC opening will be followed by topic session on Civic Cultures Online.